How to activate globe sim prepaid

We always want to stay in contact with our family. We always want to stay updated on their whereabouts, especially as OFWs who only have the chance to go home to the Philippines once in a while.

Staying in touch with our families even outside the Philippines is a bit of a work and money before. You will also be guided on how to top up your sims and the rates of the different postpaid services offered by Globe. There are various ways to activate your Globe sim into a roaming one.

Now, staying in touch with our families in the Philippines has been made easier through the current advancements of telecommunication companies. Sooner or later, better advancements will be made that will make communication, even miles away, less hassle and more convenient for all Filipinos working abroad.

Roam Lite Globe also offers 7-day calls and texts promo for its subscribers.

how to activate globe sim prepaid

Zonal Rates With Zonal Rates, Globe users need not to worry which operator to choose wherever they are. Deactivation of your Globe roaming sim is as easy as activating it.

This should be done a day before going back to the Philippines. Activating your Smart roaming data is also as easy as activating a Globe roaming data. Make sure that one 1 hour before you leave the country, you have done the following steps: text ROAM ON and send to Same with Globe data roaming requirements, all you have to do is keep a maintaining balance that you can use wherever you are and you still want to keep in touch with your loved ones.

To call a mobile no. You may reach Smart through 02 or reach their toll-free hotline numbers; and What are the best options to reload Smart and Globe online? Both Globe and Smart can use the 3G advantages of both sims. Latest news have been showing that 5G is currently in process and an upcoming telecommunication company would also surface to give Filipinos better data connection in and out of the country. Both companies offer good deals to its users.

While Smart has the ability to provide good internet speeds, Globe offers good signal area anywhere in the world. Both has also free data for foreigners who has landed in the Philippines and keen in using their sim cards.

Both are also user-friendly in terms or navigation on how to avail their services. Sooner or later, more and more budget friendly services and rates will be offered to Filipinos especially when the third telco has been chosen.

Such advancement in the Philippines will lead for people, both tourists and locals, to enjoy a hassle-free connection and will definitely enjoy conversing with their loved ones.

Sa kanila,9 days n po ako d2 SA Saudi e Sana po matulungan nyo ako salamat po. Paano po ako ma activate ang roaming number ko mkatanggap po ako ng text galing philippines pero hinde po ako maka reply sa kanila. Hi po.Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. If you applied for a new Globe Postpaid Plan, you might be worried because your sim card has not been activated yet for several days.

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I got mine activated for almost 4 days because I didn't know what to do on how to activate it. If you'll just keep waiting and waiting for several days and not doing anything, your sim card Postpaid Plan application will not be activated.

So, how should you activate it? Get a phone and use an active working Globe sim card. This sim card should have a network signal. And prepare your Postpaid sim card like the one you can see in the photo below:.

Make sure you have 1 peso remaining balance on that sim. A recorded human voice will respond. You will be offered different options.

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Choose " To activate a newly acquired sim " press 4. Then, choose " For a new line " press 1. Then, you will be prompted to enter the digit serial number found on your new Postpaid sim. Important : Make sure you insert your new Globe Postpaid sim to your phone and leave it open or keep it on. You will have to wait for 24 to 48 hours for the activation process.

Your activation request will be in queue with other new Globe postpaid applicants. Be patient while waiting for the successful activation. If it's not activated after 48 hours two daysit's normal. Maybe Globe long list of new posptaid applicants to be activated. Welcome to Globe! Your postpaid account is now active. Thank you for choosing Globe. Are you having any problems activating your new Globe Postpaid sim account? Email a Friend. It has been read times and generated 15 comments.

The article was created on 14 December and updated on 14 December Comments display order: By default New comments first Old comments first. Ronilo S. But no options from the choices. Its asking my sim no,nothing says about the mobile number on the box. No signal is coming in to the cp. It says emergency calls only,this is also the reason why i cant call the Hoping this way i can reach someone who can help me. Is it normal to have a password on my newly bought not yet activated sim card Iphone from Globe?

Thank you. Step 1 Get a phone and use an active working Globe sim card.Like us to stay up to date with the AskMeFast community and connect with other members.

how to activate globe sim prepaid

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Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. How to activate new globe sim card activation? How many hours does it need to activate a sim card globe. Asked by: Emmanuel. Ads by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions. Activating your globe roaming number is a case to case basis. Case 1: If this is your first time activating Roaming service, then follow t On your cellphone, try to go to your Network Settings and try to scan manually for the available networks.

Then choose one. If you cannot ha Add your answer. Anonymous 3. How to activate the globe sim. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. Someone said: how to activate the globe XL postpaid in my cel.

Was this comment helpful? This answer closely relates to:. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? Charges will apply. Enter the details needed. To avoid inconvenience, extend your roaming service 24 hours before the end of your original roaming subscription or else you have to wait 14 days for you to extend, just text GROAM EXTEND and send it to Special Countries are only allowed to extend a maximum of days per roaming duration.

These are the Lists of Special Countries: 1. Afghanistan 2. China 3.The wonderful world of Globe is always encouraging its users to try new things and explore new places. Well good news for all you Globe trekkers and wanderers, activating your Globe Roaming for prepaid users is so easy, it only takes one simple text.

You may then return to enjoying your favorite Globe promos at the regular rates. Would you like to know what network 09XX is the easiest way?

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We have network prefixes for Smart, Globe, Sun, and more. Hello Vhon! If you want to replace your old sim to LTE prepaid without replacing your old number, you may visit nearest Globe store in your location to process your request. Hello Ver! Please provide your mobile number for further checking. Anyway, if you have any more questions regarding this, you can follow up in this discussion from our community page, or better yet, you can post one of your own! Hi Jinky. Php minimum balance is needed to enable activation for Globe International Roaming.

You also need to have at least Php on your daily balance in order for the service to continue working. Request for roaming activation may be done between 7 days before the date of departure to at least 1 hour before departure. The maximum length for activation is days. If you have any more questions you can visit our PreFIX Community Forum to browse some of our discussions that might help you or you can start a new discussion!

Any advice? Please help. Thank you! Recently we have verified with Globe that roaming is now automatically registered to both Prepaid and Postpaid User. Try to use any their services to verify that your sim is already activated. My Globe roaming simcard is already activated but I cannot receive any incoming calls. How can I receive incoming calls?Send "GO N70, " to It really works even if that's not the phone model. If asked for the pin type in "".

I am using Nokia Asha too, and it worked for me :. By the way I am using myphone A duo. Please help me guys. I also tried the method 1 and 2 but the responsed of globe is invalid keyword. What should I do? How can I enable the packet data in my phone model? I did many configurations but still not working. I hope you can also help me set up the settings for my old phone. Hope you can help me with this. More power!

Hi po. Hi there! I'm using Samsung Galaxy W. Tried Method 1 and 2 but it doesn't work. What gives? Patulong naman po. Bkt gnun po ngsend nko s sbi magpapadla n sila ng settings within 24 hrs pero wala pdn akong nrcv n settings gang ngaun.I am not really a regular Globe user since most of my relatives, friends and colleagues are using Smart or Sun Cellular. So given that, I seldom use this number.

I already have this bad feeling that the SIM got deactivated due to no loading and charging transactions made in the past months. It is now too late to do such thing! Contacting them today was easy and I am able to talk to a live agent in a matter of seconds. Maybe because it is early morning?

how to activate globe sim prepaid

I already use the chat service many times before for inquires. There is also no way to retain the old number. So, here it is. Even if you have credits left on your GCash account, the mobile number itself still needs to be reloaded and use for regular mobile transactions to keep the account active.

Luckily, the credits or money left on my GCash account is below 50 pesos. Not that much to lose.

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I sent an e-mail to GCash inquiries and currently waiting for their response. It is just fine to have two GCash accounts. As the other one will be deactivated soon. Skip to content.

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You may also like. Scroll to top.Now there are different Globe Subscriptions available, you may choose any of the following and an SMS to The battery pull resets your connection from the Globe network, in turn, it helps activate your BIS registration faster. If you want to setup your email on your Blackberryhead over to globe.

You will then start receiving new emails on your Blackberry. If you want to install more Blackberry Apps on your phone, you have to download the Blackberry App World. What kind of problem are you having? Is it a software problem or a phone problem? Pano mag-reactivate ng BB MSG sa globe… automatic ba pag may load ka na mag-aactivate ka na after magexpired yung recent subsciption mo. For this to work, I believe that you have to be subscribed to BIS.

This happened when I downloaded the app store. What can I do regarding both issues? I believe that you have sign-up again with this new phone so that Globe would recognize your new PIN.

SIM Card Expiration Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular, Talk n’ Text and TM

Pls help! Sent BB Social On to Then I received message saying that i can start using bb social service. But then, i still cannot run my bbm, twitter, and Facebook. I sent out invites to people in bbm but they told me they do not get any. How do i go about this? Im having d same issue.

I did security wipe. Hard and soft reset. Uninstall and reinstall my apps.

How to Activate a Globe New Postpaid Plan Application in Just 2 Steps?

Im still having issues. I run a diagnostic test in my bb and got a result that my bis is not active. I have wasted my load. Talk to tech support but they didnt help. So im planning to send a complaint in ntc na lang.

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