Supernatural fanfiction dean protects sam from john

Plot - What if Henry was arranged to marry Millie so the Men of Letters could get their hands on some rare books? The night that Sam returned to the Bunker and once Mary had gone to her room, Dean had been wondering the hallways, Sam had come across him, but as the two walk towards the garage Dean becomes different before he returns, he finds two sealed books as well as a book that had a bone like look.

This takes place in the beginning of episode 3 of season Quick back notes Please read. Note I will be explaining everything over time, I will not be information dumping straight up. Silver: Loki is currently wanting to hit me, cause I have got a lot of stories on the go Also I am using the dates in This is My Road for a rough guess.

supernatural fanfiction dean protects sam from john

Loki: Damn right I want to hit you I swear to you all I get her to stop and just work on the ones she has up. It was early morning and Dean was brooding, he was still in shock at the return of his mother, who was a gift given to him by Amara for reuniting her and her brother God, who it turned out had been hiding on Earth as a Prophet.

Dean swallowed as he looked to his right hand still feeling the large heavy load of souls within his body and he closed his eyes remembering the farewells he gave. Are you alright? Yeah, I am fine However Dean started opening the door, Sam ran forward to stop his brother however something forced him away and had thrown into the wall, Sam was slowly getting up and before he could get to his feet the slamming of the door was heard.

Dean couldn't control his body, he was screaming inside his mind as his body walked passed boxes and towards a wall where there were books that were covered in dust. Dean felt his hand move and pull a book to it's side and Dean felt his mind freeze as a wall opened with dust falling and inside was a dark room. Dean felt his body move towards the middle of the room and then a light turned on.

There on a table were three boxes that each had various sigils over them, warnings even. There was a echo within his mind however Dean could not make sense of it and as he was forced to stand in front of one of the boxes, he tried to fight back as his hands opened the box.

He blinked a few times as pounding could be heard, but his eyes were focused on the inside of the box and he frowned as he went to pick it up. There in the box lay a pure golden book with the type of lock and he took a shaking breath.

He lifted the book out seeing slightly different Hieroglyphs on the book and he placed it on the table next to the black book and he swallowed as he ignored the pleading and shouting of his brother, mother and best friend. There was a reason that he was forced to find these and he would get to the bottom of it.

He walked over to the final box and he looked at it with slight fear as he wondered what he find.

Supernatural fanfiction bobby tells sam to lose his number

He swallowed deeply as he took a deep breath and opened the box, he frowned in surprise for what lay inside looked to be a scroll of some kind and Dean bit his bottom lip as he picked up the strange looking book or scroll, Dean was not sure what it truly was. Just as he picked up the scroll and placed it next to other two, Dean felt pain on his right wrist and he screamed as a burn felt.

He blacked out as the pounding faded from his mind and on his wrist was now a black tattoo that had multiple images overlapping each other. Silver: If you know the series of The Mummy please don't say what those books are in the reviews, I will be explaining them very soon and I will be explaining the tattoo.Summary : Sam's teacher always looked at him in a way that always creeped the youngest Winchester out.

Then one day that teacher went too far Well, Dean had something to say about it. Johnson was the new teacher in the school.

Fresh out of school himself, and his current gig as the school's Creative Writing teacher was his first job. He was in his late twenties, and it was no secret that he was gay. Plus all the girls thought of him as 'totally hott. Sam looked over at the teacher's desk, then at his girlfriend, Anna.

supernatural fanfiction dean protects sam from john

He sighed and walked over to Anna. I'll see you there in a few moments. Sam made his way over to Mr. Johnson's desk. I would today, but I'm afraid I don't have any time," Mr.

Johnson said, looking apologetic. As Sam started towards the door, he could feel the twenty-something man's eyes on him. He hesitated for a moment, then walked out the door. Anna was a fairly attractive young lady. Alright, that's a lie. Even Sam was known to say she was 'hott beyond reason. She was basically Britney, Christina and Mandy all rolled into one; but much, much hotter.

Sam shrugged, opening the back door for her. Alright, so he was a little more than curious. He was Sam's older brother, it was his job to make sure Sam wasn't getting any frisky ideas.

Though he probably wasn't; he was Sam, after all. And after the restaurant we're going for a walk on the beach," Anna said, smiling widely. Sam sighed, nodding. Dean rolled his eyes and leaned against the wall outside the classroom. Johnson looked up from grading papers, and smiled at Sam. Johnson pulled out Sam's paper from a drawer and set it in front of Sam.

Castiel meets Mary Winchester - Supernatural 12x01

His eyes were wide, and his breath was quickening. Johnson said, raising his eyebrows. He stood up and walked around the table.

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He leaned down behind Sam and pointed at the paper.Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Your IP address will be recorded. Recommend this entry Has been recommended Send news. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google.

Dean and John

Previous Share Flag Next. Hope someone can help me! Their bodies were never found. Around 12 years later, john was coming back from his work at the auto shop and needed dean who as coming from school to grab a few thing for him in a new client named Robert Singer, in Sioux Falls.

On his way, Dean has a little car accident. Sam gives Dean his number before Dean leaves. Dean calls Sam and tells him about his suspicions, and they decide to meet again. This time Dean confronts Mary and I think that at this point she tells him and Sam the truth.

Post a new comment Error Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously. Post a new comment. Preview comment. Post a new comment 2 comments.John holding Sam.

Sam started asking questions as he got older about 8 years old about what John does and why they always have to move. One Christmas, Sam asked if John was going to be home. Sam cried himself to sleep with tears of disappointment because John was not going to be there when he woke up.

Sam gave Dean the necklace he was going to give John, because Dean was there when John was not. As the years go by, Sam and John's relationship became more and more rocky.

AU Fanfic: Dean raised by John and Sam raised by Mary -- FOUND

They constantly argued and fought. Sam, like his brother, was brought up in the hunter lifestyle. But unlike his brother, Sam wanted to be normal and realized how messed up his childhood was. When Sam wanted to go to college, he and John had a huge argument that ended with John telling Sam if he leaves, he should never come back.

Sam and John didn't talk for two years after that. Sam joins Dean in the hunt for John after John goes missing. Sam realizes that John is no longer at his last known spot. Finding John becomes Sam's mission after Jessica's death and he rather go look for John instead of helping people and doing jobs.

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Sam and Dean do get a lead on John when they discover his old number has been re-activated. But it goes straight to voice mail. Dean takes the phone and does as John asks. As they head towards the job, Sam figured out where John was and wants to go there instead. Sam wants to help John hunt the demon rather than do the job.

Sam and John are reunited in Shadow. Its the first time they have seen each other since the fight they had two years ago. John tells Sam its good to see Sam.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Angel general Castiel Novak is captured one night by demons from King Crowley's kingdom. He is transported overnight to an arena, where he is given a cell, a chance, and a partner. Dean Winchester, Knight of Hell, wants nothing to do with Castiel either. But they have both been thrown here by circumstance, and there is only one way out of this arena: to eliminate all the other competition.

As time passes and the chances of never returning home climb higher, the boys start to realize that their only chances of survival rest in each other. Can a scarred demon learn to trust in guardian angels? And can a well-meaning angel finally help put a broken demon back together again?

Things go bad very fast when Dean meets a young man at the bar. There are a couple of things Dean knows. The one where Dean is down on his luck until he meets the Russian angel and he somehow joins the Russian Mafia as a bride to be and Sam is relevant.

Dean and Sam Winchester are on a hunt in Utah, and the whole thing flips when Dean gets raped and attacked outside a bar. Sam and Dean struggle how to get through the traumatic event, and it causes Dean to open up about his past. After Sam learns, he wonders if his brother will ever be the same again.

I TRY to post every week too, btw Any polite criticism in the comments is greatly appreciated! John comes back to life just as Dean and Cas admit their feelings and agree to try a relationship. Forces try to drive them apart as new and old enemies come after Dean. Will Dean finally be able to stand up to his father and stop the abuse? Will he and Cas be able to salvage their relationship with others trying to tear them apart? Timeline for this is a sort of mashup between season 8 and season 9 purgatory, Abaddon, MOC.

The angels did not fall, the trials and Gadreel never happened but Crowley and Abaddon are still in competition for hell. Tags and characters to be added. Like most of my stories, this is a dark fic with a very dark John and Dean suffers.

supernatural fanfiction dean protects sam from john

Underage is for references to past abuse. As Dean is learning how to be an official Omega, everyone around him is finding themselves in a constant battle to try and control him as he is the heir to the most powerful pack in the area.Story Author Community Forum. Lots of brother relationship, some monsters, hurt, care.

Rated T for violence and some language. John sends 20 year old Dean and 16 year old Sam to take out a ghoul. Should be straightforward, except Winchester luck simply doesn't work that way. R2 by Lif61 Dean sneaks out of the motel room he's sharing with John once John goes to sleep. His plans are to either get further with the hunt, or sleep with someone, but either way, he's getting alcohol.

Things go bad very fast when Dean meets a young man at the bar. He may or may not have made some unexpected friends along the way to escape. You'll just have to read to find out! Please leave some comments on whether or not you like it and if you want me to keep the story going!

Sam and John

I edited this myself so if you see any errors please point them out so I can fix them! Lazarus When Dean finds someone else joined him in his recovery from Hell, they are forced to re-examine their pasts as they confront their roles in the Apocalypse Dean tries, with Sarah's help, to regain some stability, Sam suffers an uneasy conscience and Castiel tries to step outside his comfort zone.

Dean encuentra las gafas que les han permitido ver al perro del infierno. Dean should have paid more attention to the rules this time. But he didn't, and now he has to live with the consequences, for the rest of his life. He only fears that Sam won't be willing to accept this change. Life just got a lot more complicated. A kidnapped Sam is reunited with his family after two years, damaged beyond Dean or John's imaginations.

Sam and caring! The Virtues, Principalities, Grigori, and Powers were all affected by the war. Everyone was torn apart by the war. War leaves nothing but ash and destruction. Now it's time to pick up the pieces. To rebuild from the ashes.This will be the first story I've posted in And my first completed Supernatural story.

Any plot inconsistencies, misspellings, grammar errors that you may spot, please feel free to point them out in your review, as well as any tips on improving the writing of the story. I appreciate all assistance in nearing my works closer to perfection. Mary had been absently rubbing her stomach for two days. For those two days she hadn't felt movement. She hadn't told John, she couldn't bear to think she'd lost this baby, their second child, Dean's baby brother.

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Mary closed her eyes, biting her lip as she felt a sting of tears. Mary smiled, discreetly wiping her wet eyes. Dean padded over, climbing onto the couch and cuddling close to his mother, laying a head on her stomach. Mary put an arm around Dean, holding him against her. Sometimes Mary didn't know if she should be proud, or worried about her son's intuitiveness, especially concerning his family.

He doesn't want to play with Mommy. How does he play with you? Can I play with him? He focused on her large rounded stomach, she was almost a week pass her due date and John had been carrying a pager for over a month for whenever she went into labor. They had already learned from Dean that some babies were impatient about living life and would force their own mothers into a two week early labor.

Unfortunately for her, Sammy was more troublesome, too patient, and definitely too quiet for her liking. Dean gently poked her stomach, hardly enough to even be called a poke, at least by any self-respecting four-year-old about to be a big brother standards. Seeing no reaction, Dean poked again a little harder. Then again, and again, and once more. Dean scrambled back a foot, eyes wide and frightened. I guess he's listening to you about that backbone.

The trip to the hospital was a bit of a blur to her, she vaguely recalled phoning John at the garage, and her water breaking in the Impala, a part of her wept that her well tended baby was now forever stained.

Then she pictured a gawky, gangly teen with shaggy brown hair covering pretty green eyes, face as red as a tomato as his big brother retold this story, and she could only smile. It was ten long hours of pushing, coaching, and squeezing John's hand until his fingers turned blue and he was shouting for an epidural. Some marine he was. As she finally, finallyexpelled her second son, the lack of sound immediately alerted her.

Even though she was exhausted to the point of tears, her body was tense, willing her ears to hear crying. It was maybe half a minute, but to the pair it felt like half an eternity before the sound of soft whimpers reached their ears. The whimpers turned to wails and she fell back to her bed, crying.

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